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Container Cargo

painting ship deck

Moki Hana #1, oil on two 4'x4'x panels (4'x8'), 2008

night painting on ship

Moki Hana #2, oil on panels, 3'x9' (3 3'x4'), 2008







Urban Landscapes

angel island doorway painting

Angel Island Hospital, oil on canvas, 24"x36", 2007



kroeber sunset painting

Kroeber Sunset, oil on canvas, 2007

nighttime under the bridge painting

Under the Bridge, oil on canvas, 20"x30", 2007

bridge between city and country, painting

Crossing the Bridge, oil on canvas, 2006

house painting

House, oil on canvas, 4'x5', 2007

graffiti painting

Barlow-Saxton Graffiti, oil on canvas, 2007

abandoned pool shower painting

Pool Shower, oil on canvas, 2007






Image Transfer

couch painting

Couch surfing, oil and magazine, 9"x12", 2006

painting man thinking

Up in smoke, oil and magazine, 9"x12", 2006